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Time to step back, and breathe it all in.
Ideas like tendrils of smoke tickle my skin.
Wrapped 'round wrists, bound by a thought.
Obscuring the vision and clearness of mind.
They have invaded my dreams, these tendrils, I find.
Time to step back, and breathe it all in.
Consume from within and let it seep in.
The mind still fights what the soul has submitted.
But I know I have already given over to their call,
Resistance was lost as my knees hit the floor.


Light tickles across softly scented flesh,
like butterflies dancing a tune.
You hear in your mind the music playing
as your breath on her skin draws forth
the notes from her throat in a tender sigh.
Nails upon this pale canvas is the crescendo to this song
as her sighs turn into low moans.
Thus like art her skin is yours to paint
and her voice is yours to compose.


this is the end...
a new tide rushes in and crashes over my face,
upturned toward the sun,
hoping to catch the last rays
like honey on the tongue before the end of this day.
you are the sea...
i dare to breathe in, to drown in your strength
and flood the senses with your embrace.
down into the depths i crave to sink in.
but... this is so much more
than just the surf tickling the toes
on a stroll along the beach.
this is eternity...
to let the cold sink in and warm from within,
to completely give over and just breathe you in.
a sense of panic before the kiss...
can i suffer this pain
to dance in the euphoric abyss.

for you...

Words dance across my fingertips and down onto this page.
A whisper of the rage that burns ins
No font can show the longing, no bold face type convey the scream I hold back.
All I have is these words, and this need.
Can you read?
Do you see?
Can you see me in this pitiful poetry?

Yes, I am lonely, I will admit to that much.
And these words are my crutch that keeps me going each day.
My little way to siphon off some of the commotion that builds up inside
...and haunts me at night when the sheets by my side are empty.

But pity me not.
That does me no good,
and not want I want anyway.
Just please read my words,
and believe they're for you,
and hold in your heart what I say.

callie in chains 2008-2011 | TNB
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