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sometimes you can't outrun your past. no matter how hard you try or how many miles you put between you. thank you, internet :(
i thought i had cut my puppet strings and become a real girl, but no..
this someone (well, several someones -cause hyenas always travel in packs) sneaks up on the unsuspecting callie and manages to throw her life into turmoil. she sits and regroups while he/they run cackling off back to their own miserable existence to lay low and plan her next demise.
life slowly returns, emotions are packed safely away after damage assessment... time passes..

but she knows they will be back.
some out of spite and evil, some seeking parts she cannot give. all pulling at the flesh of her soul.

yes, Pinocchio, you are still just a puppet.

in the darkness..

would you be able to find my hand in the darkness?
would you instinctively reach ?

does your soul shake when I speak with you?
does the hot?
does your mind rest within the thoughts I have given?
or does it ache for more?

again the dance comes to mind ..
I step, you step hand out stretched waiting for the music to move you closer.

the song is playing,
you hear the notes.

the question is as you you wish to be found?
or do you wish I leave and turn the light off?

and i cried as i took that fearful step forward and placed my hand into his. my soul sighed and my heart held its breath for one terrifying moment before the tears came to my eyes.

The dance just started

Telling yourself to stand your ground and not retreat from me..felt good and yet very unsettling didnt it? Each sentence was a beat of my heart that I spoke to you.

The biggest part is fearing that it is all just pretty words and poetry.. words have no meaning without the emotions to breathe life into them.
Then protect what you must with me..until you find what it takes to step again.
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