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TMI Tuesday 8

1. Have you ever sent or recieved a sext message?

Oh so very very guilty of this one, yes. If you had ever laid peepers on my old blog you would know this!

2. Have you ever made or recieved a booty call?

Umm.. no, I don't think I have. Usually it was under the pretense of hanging out and things may or may not have gotten nekkid from there.

3. Have you ever added or edited a word/entry to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary or any other online reference?


4. At what age did you have your first consensual sexual experience?


5. What has been the greatest age difference between you a consensual sexual partner?

9 years older than me is the biggest gap.. and only once did I date someone younger and that was a 5 year difference.

Bonus (as in optional): Why do you blog?

Depending on the day... boredom, creative outlet, palce to rant and whine, write and show-off, a place to mark memories.


Demon Fire

The blue flame licked across her skin like demon fire. As quickly as it was there it was gone. The only remembrance, a slight burn. The flame was not nearly as hot as her lust for her captor. No other could ignite her inner fire like he could. Just a caress of his breath against her flesh sent shivers coursing though her core.
With his hands he painted his mark across her body once again. A flick of the lighter and the ethereal flame sprang to life, dancing to a tune only it heard, ghostly in its beauty. A swipe of his hand and it was gone. Her captor had the power over flame, over flesh, over soul.
He lit his fingers tips and she watched the fire dance in his eyes as a wicked smile began to cross his lips. One by one, he put each finger to those lips and extinguished the flame as if taking the fire into himself. As the last light went out, he leaned down and kissed her hard.

HNT 11 ~ Collar

It came! My lovely little prize from KinkySexLink!
Isn't it purty?!




Blood runs down her arm like molten red rivers bubbling up from the depths. Drip drip. Off her fingertips, her eyes follow each droplet as it hits the white tile floor. Pooling, growing into a miniature lake below. What have I done? Maybe gone too far this time. She looks up into the mirror and sees death. Pale moss eyes stare back at her from sunken sockets. Tears and smudged makeup marking the depths. My lips are too red, she thinks to herself. They should be lighter… blue. What have I done?
Too far this time. Her familiar dance with death always had too many variables. Too many easy slips, but she could not resist the music. Her feet always carried her to the tune. She had come back so many times before.
All she could do was wait for the sirens and hope the angels would save her. Closing her eyes, she listened, swaying a bit to the tune. Drip drip. She could almost feel the flames of eternity licking at her toes, smell searing flesh as the song of the dammed played silently. No sirens this time. No soft angels wings to save her. Only rivers of lava flowing down her arms to the floor and the sweet beautiful dance into the fire.

HNT 11 ~ Naptime

Sneaking in an afternoon nap. ;)


Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Excuse to Get Drunk Day!!!

... like I really need an excuse to drink!!

Happy S&BJ Day!


Standing together naked in the shower after one of their escapades, he begins to slowly wash her body. The loofah gliding across her skin, scrubbing away the sex and sweat. His lips catch hers as he brings her hands over her head and holds her by the wrists with his 1 strong hand. With the other he continues to soap up every inch of her. Forced on tiptoe, she leans to try and taste him, kiss his neck, anything. He just laughs and pulls her higher. Body against body, his lips tasting, bound and soapy. She is in heaven.

HNT 10 ~ Shirt

I haven't really had time to take any good pictures, so here is one from the collection...


Legos: Not just for Kids

This was posted over at Kinky Sex Link, and I just had to share.

TMI Tuesday 6

1. Are you pro-marriage? Why or why not?
I am very pro-marriage. Ever since I was little I have wanted the big white wedding. And since my parents are both multiple divorcees, I have always said I am only going to do it once. Hence, my many engagements and no marriage thus far! My parents split when I was young and I have always held on to the dream of finding 'the One' and growing old together. Every one says marriage changes things, but there is also a sense of security that comes with that little piece of paper that you just can't get by just living together. I am just old-fashioned I guess.

FG and I have talked about this subject many times. He was like me... only once. He has done his one and says he will never get married again. Yet, he has also joked about us tying the knot in the future... lol. Well, if he wants to stay with me, he is going to have to change his mind. I am still owed my one wedding!

2. Have you ever invented or thought you invented a sexual position?
Nope. I think this goes along with one of the questions last week. I am not too into the contorted sexual positions. And... since sex has been around.. forever, I am sure it has all been done before!

3. Do you like to be tied up? Always or sometimes?
I am still up in the air about this one. It's a grey area. I love to be restrained, but that is not the same as tied up. Light bondage can be fun occasionally. But I much prefer being bodily held down, wrists gripped in his hand above my head, or a hand on my throat. yum-O!

4. Do you consider online cybering adultery?
Absolutely. Again, its a commitment issue. Just because it is online, does not make it any different from meeting someone at the bar. Any time you are being intimate with another (and its not been discussed within the relationship as okay) then that is cheating.

5. Do you prefer masturbation over real sex?
Umm... no! Having just come off of an almost 1 year dry spell (!!), nothing beats the real deal. I am not that into masturbation. It really does nothing for me. Sure, I can get off, but what turns me on is another body, hands molding skin, the force of bodies coming (and cumming) together.. and you just can't get that on your own! Funny thing is though, I usually masturbate more IN a relationship that not. If I don't have any one to be intimate with, the urge just isn't really there. But when I am with someone, and they might be at work, I can get so worked up with anticipation that I need that release to get me through until I can get my hands on them. *grin*

6. Do you want sex more times a day than your partner?
Right now, YES. I have a year to make up for after all! Unfortunately, the sex I did have this weekend was SO good that I think I am missing layers of skin and am outta commission for a bit. :( *blush*

Speaking of which, I still have to write the update on that encounter!

7. Do you get offended when you partner openly flirts with others or are you okay with it?
Hmm.. I can be/am a bit possessive. Just from past history, jealousy has reared its ugly head. It really depends on if the flirting is serious or just in fun. If it is serious, then hell ya, there is a problem.

8. Do you think you're flirty by nature?
100% yes. Which is not always a good thing and has gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion. Sometimes I don't even know I am doing it. I tend to flirt sometimes as a way to ease awkwardness and tension when around new people.


Following the theme of this week's story..

... I sure hope so! *grin*

Home Alone, pt.2

Part 1 is here.

The man slaps her across the face hard.
“Now, what did I just say?!” She starts to sob. As she opens her mouth to apologize, something lacy is shoved in there.
“That will keep you quiet.”

Hand still on her throat, he proceeds to have his way with her helpless form. She sucks in air as he pinches her left nipple hard. The right one he pulls and twists. She moans. He presses a knee between her legs, moving them apart. Rough fingers probe her and become slick with her juices.
“Oh yes, you like this. You are a slut.” Her body has betrayed her.
Taking his hand from her throat, he pushes her legs up and as far apart as they will go. Without warning, several fingers are quickly shoved inside her pussy. Callie whimpers behind her gag as the pain rushes through her body. His hand begins to pump in and out of her. With his other hand he begins to rub her clit. She tries to resist the urge to cum, but her body betrays her once again and she begins to cry again. He just laughs.
“I told you, you were going to enjoy this,” he says as he reaches up and grabs both of her breasts and squeezes, leaving a trail of her cum up her body.
Again he pushes his fingers inside of her. More this time, stretching her as far as she will go. In and out. One hand on her throat again. It doesn’t stop until she is shaking from another orgasm.
“Now time for me to have some fun. I am going to flip you over, your ass in the air and you’re going to stay that way,” he growls.
Her hands still tied above her head to the bed, he lifts her body and throws her over on her stomach. Grabbing her hips, he forces her knees under her and her ass in the air. Her arms are now stretched out in front of her, face pressed into the bed. He moves her knees further apart so she is fully exposed to him.
Callie jumps and moans as she feels pressure against her asshole. Please, no! She screams inside her head. He just laughs at her body’s reaction, but keeps his thumb there teasingly increasing the pressure.
Once again, he starts to rub her clit hard and fast. Every time she gets near orgasm, he smacks her ass. Each hit getting harder and harder. Her skin burns and try as she might, she can’t keep from squirming. He doesn’t stop this until she is sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.
She feels him get into position behind her. In one move, he slams his cock into her now dripping wet hole, rocking her forward with the force of it. She screams behind her gag.
Pulling out, he smacks her ass. Then slams back in. Out, smack, in, over and over.
“Have you had enough?” All she can do is whimper behind her gag. Laughing again, he begins to pound into her pussy. Both of his large rough hands spreading her ass cheeks far apart.
Renlentlessly this goes on, periodically reaching down and playing with her clit, bringing her to orgasm again and again. All the while, slamming his hard cock into her. It seems like forever until he cums. She is a sobbing shaking mess of bodily fluids.

He gets off the bed, and vaguely she can hear him in the bathroom, water running. Sounds like the bath is filling, but she is too exhausted to care. Since he is in the other room, she lets her body finally fall onto the bed.
A few minutes later, he sits on the bed next to her, rolls her over, gently takes the gag out of her mouth and kisses her tenderly. Her hands are untied from the bed and each other. He rubs them, her wrists, and arms, returning blood flow and easing the soreness.
Callie’s mind, behind the blindfold, is trying to make sense of this sudden gentleness, but is too far gone to grasp at any one idea.
He picks her up, and cradled in his arms the blindfold is removed. She squeezes her eyes shut, afraid.
“Open your eyes, my love,” Master says.
Yes, it was Master all along. She slowly opens her eyes and looks into his. Sobbing uncontrollably and clutching onto him for dear life, he holds her there for a while.
Eventually, he gets up and carries her into the bathroom, putting her into the bath he ran. Ever so tenderly he washes her body, stripping away the events of the night. Never saying a word.
After the bath, he dries her off and carries her back to the bed, laying her down. He pushes her legs up and apart as he begins to go down on her. Gently bringing her exhausted soul to climax again with his tongue.
Callie cries again as her Master gets on top of her and enters her in one thrust. He stays there and leans down to whisper in her ear…
“You are safe. You are Mine, I own you. I love you.” With that, he starts to slide his cock in and out. Tenderly kissing her face until they both cum together.

Home Alone, pt. 1

This fantasy was first and strongest. It is my little dark secret that I have carried with me for quite sometime. It is a controversial and tender subject for some, and I am sorry for what they had to experience involuntarily. For me, this scenario gets me wet every time I think about it! Hope you Enjoy!

Sitting home alone one night, Callie is watching a horror movie on t.v, something she usually never does. She knows her Master will be home from working 2nd shift soon, but still frightened by the movie she startles at every strange noise.
It’s late, about 2 a.m. when the movie ends. She is tired and decides to try to get some sleep, but unfortunately sleep eludes her. Every creak, every knock, each noise makes her jump in her skin, and she wonders why Master isn’t home yet. Eventually though, she falls asleep from pure exhaustion.

Next thing she knows someone is on top of her, straddling her with her arms pinned under their knees and a hand over her mouth. She can’t scream. It’s dark and all she can see is a silhouette, no features, no clue as to who this man is. Her heart races 1000 miles an hour as she struggles to get free. Something covers her eyes, and she feels him lean down. His face next to her ear, she feels his hot breath on her cheek.
“Don’t make a sound. Do you understand?” he whispers.The voice is faintly familiar, but Callie is too scared out of her mind to place it. She quickly nods her understanding.
“Good.” He takes his hand from her mouth.
She bites her lip as he fastens whatever is covering her eyes tightly around her head, keeping it in place. Her hands are beginning to hurt, pinned as they are under his knees. He first takes one hand and then the other and ties them together, and ties them above her head.
“Don’t move.” Callie lays perfectly still, too scared to even breathe.
He gets up and she hears him rummaging through everything. Drawers, closet, even going into the bathroom, nothing is left untouched. A robbery. All she can hope for is that he will leave and her Master come home soon!
However, she is not so lucky. She sleeps naked and her nude body is exposed, and suddenly there is a hand on her throat, tight but she can still get air.
“Don’t move, don’t speak. I AM going to hurt you, but worse if you disobey me. You’re going to enjoy this no matter how hard you try not to.” Against all that is right, his words strike a chord with her ingrained submissiveness. He chuckles.
“Please don’t hurt me,” she sputters anyway. be continued.

HNT 9 ~ On the road

Here is where I was last Thursday, and why I didn't post...

... Yes, I believe it truly is the middle of nowhere. Texas maybe?


I'm a Winner!

.. YOU can be one too!

The other blog I write for, Kinky Sex Link, has a contest every month!

I won for Feburary! Here is my pretty prize.. >>
It is a Good Slave Collar from Evyl Ties. I even get to pick the color! I can't wait for it to arrive. I will be sure to post pictures of it when it comes! ;)

It's super simple to get in the drawing...

The top 5 commented posts of each month will be republished here. Consider it the Kinky Cream of the Crop Listing. Out of that list of 5 posts, you comment on your favorite by writing in the comment box your choice of articles 1 through 5. You must comment here to be eligible (Authors cannot vote for their own post).
At the end of each month, 1 commenter’s name will be drawn randomly and he/she will win the prize provided this month by FunseXXXtoys. So make sure to leave an email (will not be seen by viewers) where you can be contacted when you post your comment!

This month's prize is extra cool (wonder if I can win 2 in a row?! lol) and will be awarded March 31, 2009

It is a Little Devil Electric toy, a nice little compact electrical toy! When the two spikes contact skin, they give off a mild to fairly intense electrical shock (comparable to a TENS unit). Price valued at approx $49.99.

So go check it out, comment on your favorite! And who knows, you might win a new toy for your collection!

Scratch that.. don't vote! I don't want competition! I want that toy!! *grin*
..kidding. :P
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