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BBQ anyone?

A new form of punishment for male subs or just a tasty way to make dinner?

Last ~ MoP 28

this is the last one,
the last time.
the last memory,
the last rhyme.

the task complete.
I have survived 'til the end.
here I stand on paper and pen.

the last poem in line,
the last song is mine.
the dance in done
time to go home.

One ~ MoP 27

one angel lost to me
one yet to be found
one waiting in the wings
one to turn down.

walked alone for
such a long path
now surrounded
and scared to death.

one angel lost to me
one yet to be found
one waiting in the wings
one to turn down.

if they all go
i will be alone again
looking for angels
finding only wind.

Eagles ~ MoP 26

"we are here," she says,

"the eagles have landed" now

"good. now go take flight"

Almost there

Surf ~ MoP 25

the water splashes
across naked form.
sand in places
you forgot were known

entwined, the surf,
your lover and moon
moments are born
as hearts become one.

there is no one else
in the world this night
just you and they
and the stars witness.

traveling still

Trip ~ MoP 24

the saints are marching
the distance is winding down

'cross the great river

Away ~ MoP 23

flying, running,
driving away.
not looking back.
my rearview is black.

headed west,
into the sun.
shielding my eyes,
against the bright sun.

hoping, wishing
i don't burn.
no solid ground yet
the coulds are my home.

Snuggled ~ MoP 22

bears and raspberries

on the couch, snuggled and warm

happiness with you

Popcorn ~ MoP 21

she is torn

stuck inbetween

wishing for something

not yet seen.


trying patiently

staring off into space

so sadly.


more than this

popcorn life and days

she says.

Settle ~ MoP 20

life in boxes,
in transition,
always on the road.

wanting to settle,
but not to settle.
searching for home.

HNT 8 ~ Just add Tutu


Last week's HNT and this are going to be part of an ongoing 'series.' I am slowly raiding and sorting my closet and trying on all my pretties that have been relegated to the back depths of darkness these past few years as the kidlets took over my life and body. I really have waaay too many clothes... and stuff I haven't even ever worn! It needs to go, time to simplify and stop hauling this junk around with me!

These lovelies are NOT junk, however! My beautiful ballet boots! Ever since seeing them depicted in a painting by one of my favorite artists, Olivia, I knew they had to be real and I had to have a pair!! I got them several years back, and while they have not yet been played with, they are loved and taken out and petted occasionally. ;)

The next pair of specialty shoes I want to add to my collection is a pair of pony shoes! I am not particularly into pony play, but the shoes are incredibly sexy and will feed my wee black boot addiction. *grin*

Dance ~ MoP 19

up on her toes,
she dances.
head down,
like no one's watching.
her body moves,
in beat and time.
lost to herself,
she claims the night.

her head sways,
to the tune.
arms up,
her hands in motion.
the lighting dazzles,
eyes are closed.
this is her time,
when all is right.

Twinkle ~ MoP 18

twinkle, twinkle sky
the stars are out tonight, love
in your arms I see

PSA ~ Coffee

This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by Caffiene!

Jail ~ MoP 17

must escape this jail
I have paid more than just bail
punishment, not crime

planning a break out
now get everything laid out
all that's left is drive

Transition ~ MoP 16

a body in transition,
liquid, always flowing.
indecision in the air,
no roots are growing.

searching for solidity,
a place, a home,
desparately seeking,
a place to call her own.

another move,
(5 just last 2 years.)
another mile,
(4200 when the end draws near.)

when will it end?
screamed to the night.
when can by body settle.
and my soul take flight?

Bizzy bizzy Girl

I have been a busy little monkey as far as my little blog-world goes. I am honored to have been invited to be a contributor for another BDSM blog! So, been getting my information over to them, making up my new banners, etc. Here are my creations:

Standard banner...

And a mini-version... I think its going to be my new avatar too!

callie in chains

Arn't they booty-fullz?!

When I get the time, I am going to re-do the 1-Wish Wednesday icon too... it's on the to-do list. ;)

The blog I am now a contributor for is Kinky Sex Link.

[Kinky Sex Link] is a collaborative effort made up of the best BDSM and Fetish Bloggers and Authors we could find. So you get to read different kink bloggers on just one site.

It is a very informative site with authors from all aspects of the kink/BDSM world, and an impressive (and growing!) list of links to all Kinkdom! I look forward to adding my 2-cents in over there once my craziness settles down a bit!

Here is their banner. Go on over and check them out!

Kinky Sex Link

I made this mini-banner up... more blog-friendly! ;)

Kinky Sex Link

Life is about to get pretty hectic for me (more on that later!), so I have been trying to make sure I have new stuff lined up and ready for this little space of mine. I have been doing good with this little project, and will not let her fall by the wayside just yet!
Actually, I am finding, I have too many things I want to post! I just don't have a lot of time to sit and write right now, and I don't want to show all my cards at once! ;)
So stay tuned! *muah*

...and P.S. if for some reason you want the code links for any of my banners/icons, just let me know and I can get them to you!

Spank Me

I work from home and most of our correspondence is through Yahoo IM. Playing around a bit, I took a gander at their Valentine's audibles (emoticons with sound)...

Yahoo got a little kinky for the holiday!

Horizon ~ MoP 15

sunlight peeks through thundering clouds
a glint of hope on the horizon
nothing left to do but venture out
and pray that the path will guide her

she is a tortured soul, they say
twisted roads traveled and worn.
the journey rests heavy on her shoulders
but hope keeps her moving on

the light glistens on new found joy
will her luck hold out?
for if this path turns out false
this will be the one to break her.

Be mine?

Lust ~ MoP 14

up against the wall,
lips tangled in her hair.
breath comes sallow,
the power of lust is there.

her hand glides slowly
up powerful spine.
his hands move gently,
heart beat in time.

candlelight flickers
across pale hue skin.
her body his hands
mold into him.

the night is theirs to own.
is a beautiful sight
when pleasure comes to
take to new heights.

HNT #7.5 ~ ...or just a broken Heart?

Happy SAD

...and Happy HNT_1 ...on a Saturday. ;)

R Valentime?

black and gray and red ~ MoP 13

all the world is black and gray,
my heart still bleeds in red.

i sit and wait, lonely night
wishing for another way.

a fault of mine is where i wear
my wounded heart for all to see.

the scars they tempt passers by,
to rend them more, poke, prod.

my lucky day is here right now,
but the time is bittersweet.

the price i paid has bled me out,
a chapter close, move on, I say.

Friday the 13th

Should I find the correlation between the fact that I was born on a Friday the 13th and my seemingly unending amount of bad luck amusing? Or is my subconscious just playing roulette with my life? When bad things happen I have always said, "Well, I was born on Friday the 13th!" Yet, I still count the calender, getting amost giddy when my birthday once again falls on that special day.
So, no paraskavedekatriaphobia here! I have an affinity for black cats, broken more than my share of mirrors in my time... and I am sure there is a ladder in there somewhere too! I have always felt a bit special being the 'unlucky one', but wish luck would once turn my way, smile, and grace me with her touch.

Love Haiku ~ MoP 12

her heart on her sleeve
a soul scarred, yet still believes
patiently she waits

HNT #7 ~ Is it love?


Mental Stimulation

I just woke up from a dream of touching you with a crop. I didn't expect that but it was something. I rarely dream of sexual acts of any sort.

I remember dreams before, but its been awhile.

It's been awhile, but I do remember dreaming those about you.
This was very strong, I woke up craving. Wish you were a bit closer.. I would be coming over to fuck you. I think we would probably both be bruised afterwards. Hands full of hair and just animalistic energy.

so when are you going to get here?? ;)

If I do I may kidnap you.


Yes, kidnap, fuck, enslave, fuck some more.

*grin, drool*

Well, I guess I need to try and sleep with this craving or I will never sleep tonight, but its there and I hope I do dream of you again.

screw the dreaming, get your ass down here and bruise me!!

In memory of... ~ MoP 11

a mother mourns
her oldest son
who passed away
last night

too young, he was
to die so young
too many questions

still in shock
she sits and stares
her boy is gone

i pray regret
does not haunt her
for the moments
she missed with him

my heart it hurts
for the pain
she feels, as
I hug my daughters

*in memory of my cousin who passed away today, R.I.P

1WW ~ for a friend

Some news really makes you stop and reevaluate life... like when a friend tells you she has cancer and its spread.

We met back in my slave-ass kicking days, she was a fellow proDomme. Even after I left the Den, we kept in contact sporatically, and she used to come into the nightclub I managed most weeks. In hindsight, we weren't as close as we could have, or should have, been. Life and drama causing me to neglect alot of friendships back in that time. We have both been through hell the past year or 2 with a past relationship, which has caused us to reconnect somewhat even though we are separated by 2100 miles now.

Miss B is a few years younger than me and has small children like me as well, this makes her news hit all that much closer to home. She is strong, and I know she is going battle this with all she has. She has too. There is no choice but to beat it!

So, my wish is for her... to do with however she wants. She is in my thoughts and my heart always.

*picture c/o

Crazy ~ MoP 10


i attract them
like flies
these people
of questionable

they are
driving me

i can't escape
the stupidity
the mis-logic
my questionable

i think i
might be going


Tell me am I ever going to find...

* miss Lisa Lavie once again.. check her out here.

thank you ~ MoP 9

your kind words
tickle my fancy
warm tendrils curl
and cozy throughout
you will never know
how much they
mean to me
its silly to even think
but a sweet 'hello'
does make my day
a little spark
in a dark week
so i just sit and smile
and silently say..
'thank you'

In Color ~ MoP 8

I dream of...
Ah, who am I kidding.
I don't dream.

Vivid colors elude my mind.
I wake before the show begins.
Black and white,
Disturbing memories
Are all I get.

I envy you...
And your beautiful scene,

Invisible Rain ~ MoP 7

clouds dance silently
across my sky
as an invisible rain
soaks the soul

a sadness only felt
upon the skin
not visible
nor tangible
but just a tingle
down the spine

the sun mourns
the clear blue day
as it tries to warm
the sad soul

but the scars are deep
like rivers
not healing
but just being

Silently ~ MoP 6


your touch slides across her skin,

trailing liquid fire,

Searing more than flesh,
her soul is marked,

To be forever under

your control.

Your body moves over her,

stirring the depths within in.

Mold and consume her,

the power is yours.

HNT #6 ~ Exposed

Wanna bite??


What NOT to say to a Dom

Chit-chatting with Poet online about him having to drive home extremely tired...

Apparently, the thing NOT to say to a Dom is...

Can't have you hurting yourself, because I still need to beat you for
disappearing for 2 weeks and making me worry!

I never got an IM back, LOL

*checks off on list* Do Not tell a Dom you are going to beat them, check.

Tell Me ~ MoP 5

Tell me
There is no other, love
That I
Am yours alone.

Held in your heart
Within your arms

I need
To hear the words
From you
And to know the truth

Wrap me
In your warmth
My dear
And whisper me the words

Tell me
What I need to hear
And I
Am forever yours

fame, where's fortune??

My notoriety lives on...

Was chatting with SM last night and outta nowhere he says something to the effect of:
Speaking of blowjobs, I gave you credit where credit is due a few weeks a back.
Say what?!?
We were at the bar talking about blowjobs and I said you have been the only girl who could make me come in nothing flat. I said "I don't know how she does it, but its like 2 seconds and Bam, I cum."

LOL. Uh, okay. What am I supposed to say to this? He is my ex after all and our past sex life is pretty low on the list of things I want to have a casual conversation about with him. Especially considering the fact that I am in a "dry spell" and hornier than a toad!
And 2 seconds is an exaggeration, but I will admit I am good at what I do. Hooray a talent! Also, it is saying something, considering he is (or was) a whore... erm, I mean, swinger, in his younger days. So, I am not being compared against 15 people, but more like 5 times that number!
See, I don't talk bad about you all the time!
facepalm Thanks.

So, not only am I the anal expert, I am also a blowjob queen!! Yea me!!

Memories ~MoP 4

Clowns and epitomes,
In dreams,
And walking ghosts.
Dancing and gay,
At the top of my head.

Silly grins, balloons,
Brief photos of life.
Memories of past,
Fading and gone.

Stories are told,
In gold,
And polished bright.
Familar they say,
At the top of my head.

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