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you won't know this

all those years ago how could we know,
that i'd be sitting here and you sitting there,
in your chair staring down a wall,
while i tried so hard to call you without,
ever picking up the phone.  

the times that separates us.
the hate for what never was.
the passion screamed out in wordless noise,
and yes, i cried those tears for you.
you never knew,
and never will know this.  

and the time keeps moving along us,
gliding past our vacant stares to space,
wishing there was a place where,
i could look at you and you i,
and caress the sighs that escape those lips.  

but a shoulder is to be turned,
and the whole world can be burned,
before we ever admit our search is futile,
in others smile,
for yours is the one i yearn,
though i won't tell
and you won't know this.  

all those years ago and how could we know,
that you'd be sitting there and i sitting here,
in my chair staring down a wall,
wishing so hard you'd call for me but never,
hearing anything at all.
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