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that time of year

...where we attempt to turn our back on the past and stare down the future by making promises we will never keep...

Yes, its resolution time!

I have a few. The obligatory blog blog blog, lose weight, stop smoking, workout more...

But I have others as well. I have vowed mental self-improvement. I have to undo some of the damage caused by my ex. It has been a rough few years. So, this year has to get better or I will... I will... well, I will just whine about it on here! ;)

talking to myself

I write my best stuff in my head..lying in bed, far away from pen and paper. The words pour forth like a river... beautiful, thoughtful, ...inspired. Problem is as I sit here to commit my prose to print, these words no longer exist. My brain becomes that tone you hear when you've left the phone off the hook............

~please hold and an operator will assist you momentarily~

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