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Did you let your mind wander today?

It does everyday.

What did you think on?

Little things throughout the day... wishing things were different.

Like touching, smelling, and feeling that connection...simple? You want to feel that collar don't you?

Yes. That is a pretty big hole inside lately.

Did you feel a little better doing as told last night? Even for a moment?

Yes, a little.

It's just not wanting to do, it's that need. To be what is needed.

It's not even just the submission alone.. it's the whole picture that I am needing... a connection I am craving, along with the physical presence and giving of myself... all of it. Each part is sitting before me separately... none of it fills the void alone.

Friendship, companionship, the feel of someone in the house that cares, letting go and accepting where you need to be, having someone that gives a damn about you...


Someone that values you... beyond anyone else.

Dammit, why do you always make me cry?


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