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take from me...

Did you fall asleep thinking about me?

I did. I went to bed thinking you have a bad habit of getting thoughts in my head and then disappearing on me.

Sitting there wiggling and thinking of nice things or did I take you back to those evenings when we talked on the phone and I got under your skin?

All the thoughts are jumbled together into a bigger picture now... the IMs, texts, calls...

What are you thinking now? Would you enjoy knowing I am laying in the dark nude?

I wish I was there... next to you.. feeling you breathe.

Tasting you. Hearing your heart. Dragging my teeth across skin. Releasing you beast.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes...

Would you release your Beast then?

It would leave marks on you. Force you to do things. Take you. Take your submission.

That's what I would be there for... for you, to do with as you please.

Could you keep the Beast at bay if I was there? My skin under your hands?

It would take a lot from you... you'd be the Beast's slave.

Could you keep it at bay if I was there?


I'd take from you. Taste your breath... your flesh... your blood... see how far I could push you... and then push some more. Break you.

Then if you could not keep him chained... the choice is already made.

You could not restrain him, and I could not stay away from you never knowing.

Perhaps you carry those scars from my beast already...

The memories of scars not yet inflicted.

Being able to touch you and your body instantly submits and readies for me.

Do you feel it? ....the clothes burn upon your skin.
If you could, you'd be nude right now.

I would be... yes.


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