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a touch

...I didn't know you still thought of me in that way... Do I still wake you with those thoughts of hunger?

yes... You've crept back into my head quite strongly lately.

Have you dreamt of a wolf?

I don't remember my dreams... I know you were in my head when I went to bed last night... As I was falling asleep... I could feel you next to me... I was just waiting... wishing... for a touch.

Perhaps tonight you will feel it... chills... whispers... warmth.
I hope so...

Don't you feel me now?

Is that you... or just my mind playing tricks on me...

Depends if your shoulders and back of your neck feel warm... It should move all over.

It is always in my neck and shoulders... then down my back... my arms... up the back of my neck into my hair and curling up the side of my neck, across my cheek.

You woke up to this before... you felt me touching you so beautifully.

Like you were there, and I woke up a second too late...

I'll be with you tonight. I need to sleep my dear, but find me.

I will...


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