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His eyes

Aria stole a peek with one eye. Shoes. He was still there... waiting. She could feel his eyes on her as she knelt at his feet. He hadn't said a word. He was just waiting, but he knew once she gained the courage to look into his eyes, she was his. For now, she could have her little streak of defiance, keeping her eyes squeezed shut, head bowed. She would look, sooner or later, she always did, and he was patient. Like many times before, she would turn her face to him, glancing at his face, his mouth, before finally settling her gaze on his eyes, and there she would stay... trapped. The courage would drain from her eyes to be replaced with a sweet simple pleading. A look he fed off of and would use to take her body to places she fantasized about in the deep dark recesses of her brain. He held her enthralled. Each blink of his eyes causing a momentary pause her life, like a little death, to be returned once those eyes held her again.


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