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Hungry moods

I woke up hungry.

Hope I didn't wake you...

I'm okay, it will pass... always does. You are lucky you're not here.

Actually, I see it as I am unlucky I am not there.

You would be carrying the marks and feeling what I'd do to you for a while. I need to sleep I think.

Okay, my dear. I will try not to wake you again.

You are in a mood.

A mood?

I know I am, but you're in a touchy feely mood... a very submissive mood.

What makes yo say that?

Just what I felt.

I have been lately, yes.

Teeth raking across skin...

Yes, that and I want to lay my cheek on One's knee, a hand stroking my hair...

Is that all you yearn for?


Did you mean to wake me that way?

I did not mean to wake you, but I was thinking of you... ... was listening to music.

Kneeling and nude, wanting.

Yes, ...the wanting. have a way of turning that on full force... with your comments... questions...

I used to make you need to cum so easily.

Yes, you did.

I think I need to try and get my mind off taking you. ... I could dig my teeth into you though.

I need to sleep... ...cum for me tonight.

I will...

Good. I like that thought.


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