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... I crave hands, not batteries.
Teeth and breath, not plastic.

Have you ever touched yourself while talking to me?

I might have back when...
You could make me react without having to.

We did connect a bit.

Ya, just a little. ;)

Come crawl in my lap.

I would in a heart beat.

Why do I get the feeling you would do much of what I crave?

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

You tell me... is it?
To me it is beautiful, but you knew that.

It's like I am supposed to... need to, want to...

I lay in bed sometimes and wonder about why I see you nude before me.

Come up with any answers?

Slave comes to mind when I allow it to surface...
How often to you feel that side of yourself?

Only ever when talking to one person in particular have I ever felt more slave than just submissive.

Is that what haunts you? That feeling of being a slave?

The connection that it would take to make me so.

I don't think you have ever said no to me.

Nope, not even when you said you would push me to my limits... and even beyond.

Would you ever say no?

I have no desire to say no to you.
...and I don't know why. I have thought about it a lot.


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Cannot do 'em all in this weee time on earth, yet, ya most certainly CAN in Heaven Above where we have the length and breadth of eternity; meet me in Heaven, gorgeous girl, where I’ll tenderly, gently, lovingly kiss your adorable feet because I’m sooo happy you made it. Lookit ‘sexponential’ first and lemme make love to you Beyond the Stars to do many other wonderfull, appetizing things as well. We love you, child, Christ and this sinfull mortal. The world doesn’t. The world only wants to use and abuse you. So, always remember: don’t git sooo involved in this finite planet, you lose your immortal soul. +God/Bless/You+

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